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Hello Syng Team,

We design products for cutting-edge smart home brands that never miss a beat. 🎵🎹   

We Hear You

🦻 Insight:

Relative to Damon's interview with Justin Jay: The traditional feeds and speeds model of home audio is dead, giving rise to new ways to experience audio in a seamless and humanistic way.

👀 Competition:

Sonos holds 2% of $96B global audio market with an expected $5B in incremental revenue converting single product households to their average multi-product households. 

Our Pitch

While Syng’s extremely talented in–house design team creates products transforming our relationship with innovative audio-visual experiences, we can help add bottom line revenue with added horsepower to design premium accessories: remotes, high quality cables, and adapters.

One example is a Syng Remote we envisioned here.

Let's jam together! 

Can we please schedule a few minutes to discuss this design business case? 

ryan @

Relevant Samples

We Deliver World Class Design

IDSA IDEA - Jury Member

iF Award - Tools4Boards Pocket Edger Pro

iF Finalist - Tools4Boards Orb Edger Kit

iF Gold Award - Hydro Flask Cooler Cup

iF Award - Hydro Flask Straw Lid

ISPO Winner - Tools4Boards Edge Tuner

iF Award - Hydro Flask Oasis

iF Award - Hydro Flask Flex Sip

Red Dot Honorable Mention - T4B Edge Tuner 

iF Award - Hydro Flask Growler

Red Dot Award - Hydro Flask Growler 

Red Dot Award - Hydro Flask Flex Cap

iF Award - Hydro Flask Flex Cap

Good Design Award - Hydro Flask Growler

Good Design Award - Hydro Flask Flex Cap & Bottle

ISPO DESIGN FINALIST - Tools4Boards Velo Vise

IDSA GOLD Award - GE Micro Kitchen

iF DESIGN AWARD 2022_l_CMYK_jpg.jpg

Our Collective Experience

Before joining Open Design, we held roles that span medical, appliances, and CPG categories at GE, Hydro Flask, Kaleidoscope and internships at Nendo, Dell, and Ethicon Endo-surgery.  

We have worked independently with GE Appliances, Sacred Heart, Mizu, Tools4Boards, Silipint, Bauer and more. 

Open Design can take any product brief and deliver thoughtful, collaborative, and user centered designs that seamlessly connect with overall brand ethos. I had the pleasure of growing our relationship with the team. In addition to product design, they helped us with graphic design, packaging design, and consumer insights.
The designers at Open Design are among the best I’ve worked with, which includes incredible talent at YETI Coolers and Mountain Hardwear.

Alex B

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