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Silipint - Cover Containers

Introducing the Silipint Cover Bowl. By combining the container and lid into one, making it easier to store food and liquids with less mess. The unique design provides a secure seal and the silicone material ensures that the bowl is safe to put in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher. With the Silipint Cover Bowl, you can easily store and transport your food without the worry of messy spills or lost lids.


The final design took on a book like form factor meant to seamlessly transition from on the tabletop to on the go. The spine neatly integrates a utensil holder and napkin. By solving an unmet need and leveraging the brand we helped Silipint opened doors at DSG, Walmart and Duluth Trading Company.


Industrial Design, Prototyping, DFM


Our approach emphasized practicality and functionality, focusing on the unique benefits of silicone (hypoallergenic, free of forever chemicals,). The silicone container we've designed offers a microwave-safe solution, free from the worries of harmful chemical leeching that can occur with plastic containers.



Central to the design is the spine, integrated to serve as a multi-functional element. It houses a utensil holder, providing a convenient space for cutlery and also accommodates a napkin holder. This solution not only addresses an unmet need in the market but also amplifies the playfulness of the Silipint brand. 

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