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Working with Your Spouse

Many people have commented “I could never work with my spouse”

For many people it can be difficult to manage. Too much time together, the mixing of professional and personal boundaries, there is no shortage of things that could make for a rocky business and personal relationship. On the flip side, working with your partner has made me more understanding and empathetic to our dynamic and the process.

Through trial and error, the following has helped to determine how we keep our sanity:

  1. No one wants to ride in the rear seat forever. We are both ambitious drivers and don’t hesitate to step up and take the lead on a project. More often, we consider which client would benefit the most from having one or the other as the lead. Does the project resonate more with one or the other?

  2. Understand each other’s strengths: Even though one has taken the lead, we always work to take advantage of our unique point of view throughout projects.

  3. Take the lead on different aspects of the business: We take a divide and conquer approach to manage a business from sales, marketing, operations, and finance.


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