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Monogram Built-In Refrigeration Line

The mission when designing the Monogram built-in refrigerator line was elevate the interior and focus on the use of authentic materials. 


The Monogram refrigerator resulted in a cornerstone design of the brand. for years. Authentic materials were designed and delivered in a minimal, timeless aesthetic.


Through an iterative design process and feedback loop we were able to create a design that not only resonated with users, but was able to built in America. 

Minimal & Authentic

The process began by creating a number of concepts for the interior. Through the cycle of feedback from the design director, brand managers, we curated what felt like concepts that represented the brand to bring to user insights. 

Driven By User Insights

To get an outside pulse on the direction of the interior, there were a series of sessions that facilitated questions around feature set and how everything came together. We asked questions related to interior illumination, the types of storage and the treatment of each piece of the interior. 

Made in America

Given that the project was planned to be manufactured domestically, the parts were designed with a focus on extruded aluminum, bent sheet metal and glass. Each component was finished by hand, and the need to minimize grinding and polishing was key to making the program work, for example.  

The Collection: Pro, Minimal, Custom Panel, 24", 30"