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Hydro Flask Bottles on the forest floor.

Hydro Flask Bottle Series - 
Designed to Delight

Our goal was to position Hydro Flask as the premium brand for hydration. To achieve this, we had to communicate the benefits of a reusable stainless steel bottle and ensure the features would resonate with the target audience. 


By conducting user research, developing a brand strategy, implementing smart design and utilizing 'bomber' engineering we transformed the initial spark of the brand during its startup phase into a compelling product for millions. 


Ryan was a senior industrial designer part of the in-house product development team. In his role, he was responsible for coming up with the final product, conducting user research and usability. 


Hydro Flask bottles have become incredibly popular and design played a significant role in the 2016 acquisition of the brand and continued growth since. 


iF Award

Red Dot

Good Design


Built for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The brands first bottle release served as a launching point, but we realized there were several areas that needed improvement. The bottle's temperature retention, clean taste and carrying could all be improved. The strap was prone to breaking, the sharp corners were uncomfortable to hold, and the overall design felt cheap. 

To address these issues, we focused on creating a concepts that would feel both premium and durable. Our primary goal was to design a product that would cater to outdoor enthusiasts and withstand any adventure they might embark on. We experimented with various options, including straps, ropes and even dog leashes. 

Although our initial prototypes showed promise, they didn't quite meet our expectations. However, we continued until we had a research breakthrough...

Image by Shifaaz shamoon

We observed beach goers using colorful homemade straps to carry bottles to the beach. This inspired us to shift our focus and design with a similar function in mind.  

Distinctive by Design

While the flexible strap ultimately became the centerpiece of our design, it did not come without challenges. The team had to introduce a stainless steel lug to securely hold the strap in place, and we carefully considered materiality to ensure that the strap would be durable enough to withstand many adventures.

Hydro Flask's ability to capture and incorporate user insights, alongside their superior craftsmanship, sets them apart from other water bottle brands. By combining innovative design with sustainable materials and vibrant colors, Hydro Flask has been able to establish a distinctive identity in the market and attract a loyal customer base.

before and after images of the hydro flask bottle development.

Image Credit: 

Annie Spratt from Unsplash, Ford, Nike

From the Himalayas to the Farm Tiller

One of the most rewarding aspects of the Hydro Flask brand was receiving stories of the incredible places that the bottles had traveled to and the stories that they would tell. From the Himalayas to surviving a run through a bush hog farm tiller, the bottles proved to be incredibly durable and reliable in a wide range of environments. Overall, we successfully achieved our goal of designing a product that could keep up with the lifestyles of our users and withstand even the most rugged adventures.

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