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Face Form VR for Meta Quest 3

Face Form VR is a study in how users can scan their face and convert to a custom product on the fly. 


With the use LIDAR sensors and phone cameras we can enable consumers to scan their faces remotely and build on demand 3d printed products.


The application goes beyond this individual product, and is an example of how the technology can be applied to protective equipment and users with adaptive needs. 


Beyond having users scan and upload their data, the overall envelope needed to be created to have them create something to. I believe in the future, this could be customized further by the user. 

We explored how to integrate the number of parts in the Meta Quest 3 and how 3d printing could potentially allow for the combination of parts, since less adjustment was required. 

Additionally, a number of silicone masks were offered for those working out and we thought about ways to offer passive ventilation while still maintaining an immersive environment.